Baby Bray is due April 28, 2014. Below please make your guesses for Baby Bray’s birth day, height and weight.

Leave a comment with your name and guesses! Closest guess wins a prize!

Devin Heather Baby Bray
Birthday April 3

(3 weeks late)

January 18

(1 day early)

Height 20.5inches (52cm) 21inches (53.3cm) ?
Weight 8lbs 7oz (3.83 kilos) 8lbs 5oz (3.77 kilos) ?

Morphed projections of what Baby Bray could look like:

22 thoughts on “Games

  1. Expected Arrival: April 27, 2014
    Height: 19 inches
    Weight: 8 pounds 7 ounces

    Congratulations to both, also love your website and stories:)

  2. Expected arrival: April 29,2014

    Height: 22 inches

    Weight: 8lb. 12oz.

    And fore sure just like Georgia !!!!

  3. Projected arrival: May 2nd
    8lb 5oz
    Also-your baby will be WAY cuter than the ‘morphed projections’-those are a liiiiittle creepy.

  4. Arrival: May 1st, 2014
    21 1/2 inches
    8 pounds, 2 ounces

    So happy for you two! What an exciting journey you have had.

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