A short while ago, Heather and I were blessed with the creation of life.

Almost immediately after we went public, friends and family approached us asking, “What can we get you for a gift?” Our dilemma is that we are in the process of relocating to Germany from Canada and we can’t pack all the incredible onesies, receiving blankets and toys with us over to Europe.

My solution is to throw Heather a virtual baby shower, complete with games, pictures and a place where our friends and family can send gifts so that we can buy Baby Bray everything once we’ve settled in Heidelberg.

Please check out each of the tabs and participate in the games (as we’ll be giving prizes to the winners) and please feel free to re-visit the site, as it will be updated on regular basis before and after the birth of Baby Bray.

This is our story. This is our life. Welcome!

-Devin Bray

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