Geneva, Switzerland

We recently returned from a randomly adventurous trip to Geneva, Switzerland. Although a planned trip because of a conference on “International Law and Time”, where Back to the Future was referenced heavily as 2015 is the year Marty visited in 1985, we decided to let fate decide our activities during the off-hours. We were not disappointed. Geneva, while generally a very expensive city, had a few fun and free (or inexpensive) things to do.

The highlights of our trip included walking around the emerald green waters of Lac Léman, aka Lake Geneva, watching water shoot some 140 meters into the sky from the Jet d’eau, smelling the incredible flowers and seeing flamingos at the Botanical Gardens, playing with the chess pieces on the Prominade des Bastions, randomly arriving in Carouge right as a parade walked by our tram stop, taking snapshots of Xander as the Chairperson of the World Trade Organization, stopping for a beer at a colourful shack on Le Rhône, buying Swiss cheese, strawberries and handmade pasta at a local market, eating pizza luigia at Luigia and homemade varenyky at Iryna’s, and visiting with a couple friends Iryna, our amazing hostess, and N’Gane, a one-time co-worker, and her daughter Lycia.

Going for a run

Going for a run

along Lake Geneva

along Lake Geneva

The view is amazing

where the view is breath-taking

Family Photo Op

and random strangers will take your family photos

Geneva knows how to make a fountain

Something Geneva knows how to do is make a fountain

Jet d'eau

Jet d’eau

Walking in the downtown core

While walking the downtown core

we came across a colourful shack on Le Rhône

we came across a colourful shack on Le Rhône

Bliss along Le Rhône

which was a small slice of heaven

Relaxing by the water

and so relaxing

After dipping my feet into the water

and a chance for us to touch the green water!

Walking in the Botanical Gardens

While walking through the Botanical Gardens

Testing out the gravel

we had to make sure the gravel was gravel

Missing Pinocchio

and say hello to this Pinocchio made out of drift wood

La Coulée (aka beaver dam out of water)

and visit La Coulée (aka the beaver dam out of water)

Pink Flamingos

and see the Pink Flamingos

The sky above where we took a nap in the Gardens

and go for a nap on the grass (the sky above where we took a nap in the Gardens)


Chess in the Prominade des Bastions

On the Prominade des Bastions I learned the ways of the White Knight


Parade in Carouge

In Carouge we stumbled on a parade


and saw the Drumline

Playing with the birds

and played with the pigeons


and went on the swing.


Faster, Daddy!

Too fast

Too fast!


We also went to the WTO

Canadian Representative

to represent Canada

In Charge

and show them who’s boss.

Look what I found in the WTO Library... my Godfather's book

Look what I found in the WTO Library… my Godfather’s book

Old town

While in Old Town

Beautiful courtyard found while walking through old town

we saw a beautiful courtyard

St. Pierre Cathedral

and the St. Pierre Cathedral



Homemade varenyky

Iryna made us some homemade varenyky

Saying good-bye

Saying good-bye


Winding down

Tuckered out

All tuckered out

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  1. Oh I just love reading all about your travels. Love the pictures and their comments. You are living the dream.
    Hugs to all of you

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